YOUNG Medical Delta

“The goal of YOUNG Medical Delta is to create a platform for students, young researchers and young professionals who are at the starting point of their career in either life sciences, health, technology or a even combination of those. YOUNG Medical Delta consists of a network of study associations from the LUMC Leiden, TU Delft and Erasmus MC Rotterdam, all focused on topics in the sectors of life sciences, health and technology.  

YOUNG Medical Delta offers a platform to exchange ideas and opportunities in the field of medical technology by supporting and facilitating activities of the study associations. This platform can help the associations with the promotion of events and activities, as well as assist in connecting them to interesting speakers.  Together with Medical Delta, YOUNG Medical Delta has been working on a database filled with internships and thesis projects, to help students find interesting opportunities in the field of medical technology. We already helped a Dutch student get an internship in Stanford for example!”