Tips and tricks for attendees

Preparation is half the battle
Prepare yourself to get the most out of this career event! Visit the Partners page and read about the companies, research institutes and organizations attending ASconnect. Check the websites of those that piqued your interest for more information! Furthermore, think about what you want to know or ask company representatives at the information market beforehand. Finally, think about how you want to present yourself. What interests you professionally and personally? How do these interests match those of the attending companies? What are your strong points and what would you want to learn during an internship, first job or PhD?

Dress appropriately
As this is a career event we recommend that attendees come dressed business-casual: this way companies see you at your best.

Be proactive and show your interest
The information market offers the perfect opportunity for you to ask all your burning questions to the company representatives. Be proactive and approach companies at their stands or after workshops/presentations. Ask specific questions and show you have informed yourself thoroughly prior to the event.

Inspiration material:
– What kind of opportunities do you offer for Master internships, in terms of subjects and duration?
– Can you elaborate on what the daily activities entail for an intern or a starter?
– What kind of starting positions are available?
Take notes when attending presentations or workshops. This way you will not miss out on mentioned open vacancies, contact details or questions you might want to ask later on.

And last but most certainly not least, be polite!