SkylineDx B.V.

“At SkylineDx, we have a team of experts with the knowledge and capability to collaborate with highly respected physicians and patients advocates. Together we work to achieve the same multi-disciplinary goal: to give physicians the genetic tools to better guide the most effective treatment plan for their patients.
This principle of individualized treatment plans is called personalized- or precision medicine and is extremely important for the patient. With the right personalized treatment, at the right moment, the patient can avoid side effects from over or undertreatment, which means less hospitalization, complications, medications, and ultimately better quality of life.
We look for excellent life science and bioinformatics students (BSc and MSc) who are looking for internships of preferably 6 months or more and who want to learn about the exciting field of personalised medicine. We typically prefer to tailor a project towards your education and your personal interests. Examples of past internships were a literature review on personalized medicine for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma; an internship to develop novel methodologies (algorithms) for identifying therapy predictive classifiers (Ubels J. et al. Nat. Comm 2018). If you are interested please contact us at”