SeraNovo is a start-up company based in Leiden that is focused on solving one of the most challenging problems in Pharma. More than 70% of newly developed drugs have very low water solubility, leading to poor absorption when taken orally as a capsule or pill. This causes poor results in early development, leading to high development costs as many of these promising therapies end up on the shelf and not as cure available to the patients. SeraNovo has a patent pending on a fundamentally fourth technology aimed at increasing the solubility and thus absorption of these poorly soluble pharmaceuticals.

Founded about 1,5 years ago by Niall and Bastiaan who have backgrounds in Chemistry and Biochemistry, the company has grown up to four people now and is working towards market validation and a first customer for their platform technology. They aim to have a data package showing the efficacy of the technology ready within half a year from now, which will be a pivotal item to obtain customers and additional funding. It is a fact there is always enough work to be done in a start-up, so come talk to us for opportunities regarding internships or jobs.