Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI)

About us

Scientific Volume Imaging (SVI) develops high-end software (Huygens) for microscopic images. Huygens is able to restore, visualize and analyze 3D fluorescence microscopy images and is used by academic research institutions worldwide. Huygens is the high-end affordable software solution recommended between peer scientists.

SVI’s main office is based in Hilversum (near Utrecht). Everything related to our software is done in-house. We develop and sell the Huygens software consisting of different image processing packages for microscopes. Another important part of our work is training our users who are Master or PhD students like yourselves.

Our customer’s work revolves around getting the most detailed, trustworthy images from all kind of microscopes from classical widefield, to STED super-resolution. Huygens offers 3D deconvolution, interactive analysis, volume visualization of all kinds of 3D microscopic data. Our customers work at worldwide highest ranking universities, institutes and companies which are active in the field of life-sciences , medical sciences and material research.

Being active in a demanding industry requires close contacts with forerunners in the field of microscopy techniques. SVI has nearly 30 years expertise in scientific image processing, which has resulted in active collaborations with renowned academic institutes worldwide (e.g. NIH, MIT, MPI, ETH) and an excellent name.

We’re searching for talents that feel at home at the crossroads of science and people. Visit out stand during ASconnect or come to the application training we’ll organize.