Biothane by Veolia


Biothane is the anaerobic brand of Veolia Water Technologies. Resourcing the World is the mission we aim to achieve by providing leading innovations for water treatment. Our portfolio is composed of highly effective technologies that can be applied in many sectors such as food and beverage, pulp and paper, fermentation, or chemical industries. We develop and implement sustainable solutions with a focus on water reuse, production and recovery of renewable energy and valorisation of waste into products. For example, our MemGas™ membrane technology purifies raw biogas into suitable biomethane (>97-99% methane) to meet the requirements of its final use.

To select the most appropriate process, Veolia develops design studies to roadmap treatment routes for sustainable treatment of process effluents, aiming to optimize energy production and close water cycles. These studies are based on full scale expertise and supported by tests executed at Biothane laboratories or pilot plants on site. Besides the production of biogas, Biothane anaerobic technologies prove their added value through:

• High COD removal efficiencies
• Compact -and small footprint installations
• Low energy and chemical requirements
• Minimal biomass or sludge production.

We often have open positions for minimum 4 months internships within our R&D department in Delft, The Netherlands.

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