Personal Branding:
Discover your unique talents and competencies and learn how to incorporate your talents in a sincere presentation. Insight in your personal competencies and unique qualities will be of great use in your entire future career!

We love talent. We think talent is the fuel for organisations that want to grow and improve in this ever-changing world. Talent gives companies a future.

You are talented. You successfully finished your studies and achieved other great things along the way. A great future really is within your reach. But that only increases the pressure. Because how do you get your hands on it? (hint: we know).

The truth is this: you may indeed be a talented hot-shot, but you’re no leader yet. You don’t even know for sure just where your greatest potential lies, let alone what you should definitely change and improve before you can actually turn your talent into leadership skills. That’s where we come in.

“More than just a traineeship”

All companies have traineeships. Traineeships are great. They kickstart your career, immerse you in the real corporate world, let you experience different environments and help you build a vast network. These are all brilliant reasons to embark on one. But there’s one more at ORMIT. And it’s a crucial one: our traineeships propel you from a young professional to a future leader. And that’s precisely where we stand out.

Our core business is developing talent into leadership. So on top of the challenging assignments and different environments, you get to enjoy an award-winning personal development programme to develop your leadership skills.