OcellO B.V.

“OcellO is a fast-growing innovative biotech company offering unique 3D cell culture-based screening services that accelerate pre-clinical discovery in both oncology and inherited diseases such as Polycystic Kidney Disease and Cystic Fibrosis. OcellO excels in the development of clinically relevant in vitro human micro-tissue models that can be used for the screening and profiling of small molecules and biologics. As well as providing measurements of cell growth and viability, phenotypic profiling allows the measurement of more complex biology that better correlates with clinical endpoints. Furthermore, compounds with the optimum therapeutic profile or optimum target specific profile can be selected to enable a better ranking of compounds at early stage in the drug development process. Founded in 2011, OcellO has an active R&D program to maintain its leading position as a provider of advanced tissue based assays.
OcellO is currently interested in students/graduates with a cell biology and engineering background to strengthen our existing teams of biologists and bioinformaticians.”