Leiden Probe Microscopy B.V.

“At LPM we develop custom high-tech instrumentation for in situ surface science on the nano scale. Our systems enable different measurement techniques, such as scanning probe microscopy, x-ray diffraction and spectroscopy, to be used under extreme conditions with pressures ranging from UHV to 100 bar, temperatures ranging from mK to 1300K and for different solutions and catalytic reactions.

Our products are used for in situ studies in the fields of thin film growth, surface chemistry, catalysis, chemical vapour deposition and fundamental surface science.

The design, assembly, testing and installation is all done in-house, where we work in small teams of scientists and engineers with great diversity of background and expertise to bring together the physics, mechanics and electronics in each single system.

Do you fit within our team? We are looking for a team-player who likes to be challenged. Someone who is up for a technical discussion, yet can also find his or her way around a workplace. Someone who can materialize creative ideas into practical implementations within constraints of budget, time and required performance, act in a self-propelling way and show initiative. And of course, enthusiasm goes a long way.

Whether you are looking for an internship, master thesis project or job application, feel free to contact us for more information and let us discuss what role or project sparks your interest.”