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Working at ENTER means joining a team of enthusiastic engineers who get every opportunity to drive their career. You complete multiple challenging projects at the Top 100 High Tech companies in the Netherlands.  With your broad study background in Physics, you can become a specialist as well as a generalist who builds a broad career over different industries.  Depending on your ambitions and interests you gain experience in  fields such as: medical, high-tech machinery, automotive,  aerospace, cleantech/solar, (smart) materials development, but also maritime, transport & handling systems, and oil & gas. Throughout your projects, your ENTER manager is your personal career coach. Together you map your career path and determine the training and coaching you need to be even more successful in your role. The ENTER Development Program presents you with a wide range of soft skills courses to choose from, while the technical training is tailor made and adapted to your personal situation.

Last but not least, throughout the year a number of interesting and fun activities is organized, such as Technical Meets, dinner parties, pub quizzes and our annual family day at the Efteling. Learn more about the People Developing the Future.


Contact details
Delftechpark 26
2628 XH Delft

Site: www.enter-group.nl
E-mail: info@enter-group.nl
Tel: +31 (0) 15 260 0954