About DSM Biotechnolgy Center
DSM Biotechnology Center (abbreviated as DBC) is the biotech Research and Development engine for royal DSM, a global science-based company active in health, nutrition and materials. DBC offers state-of- the-art biotechnology facilities at its site in Delft, to accelerate DSM’s biotechnology capabilities for application in food and nutrition, feed, fuel, pharma and bio-based materials.

It all started with the Nederlandsche Gist en Spiritusfabriek (Dutch Yeast and Spirits factory) in 1869. Since then, many innovations developed at the site in Delft have found their way into society including: a production strain and process for the large-scale production of penicillin which has saved millions of lives since World War II; a natural anti-fungal food preservative (Natamycin) which is widely used to protect a variety of foods and beverages from spoilage; and enzymes, which among other things enable the many millions of people worldwide with a lactose intolerance to include nutritious dairy in their diets. DBC’s science is built on an almost 150-year’s proud history, and will play an even more important role in creating bio-based based solutions contributing to a sustainable future.

DBC is located on the DSM site in Delft, together with the global head quarter of DSM Food Specialties and two DSM production plants (for yeast extracts and antibiotics). This site is also part of one of the largest biotechnology hubs in Europe (Biotech Campus Delft), featuring a bio-processing pilot plant and many collaborations with the Technical University Delft. DBC in Delft is distributed over 3 buildings:

  • The Food Innovation Center, where the application tests of DSM products take place, assuring that our ingredients meet the specific requests of all customers;
  • The Rosalind Franklin Biotechnology Center, a brand new, state-of- the-are biotech lab of more than 15000 m 2 , where new bio-based products are discovered and prepared for production;
  • The Service Lab Delft, is dedicated to quality assurance, and closely linked to our factories.

More than 400 biotech talents from over 27 countries are working for DBC, building up extensive expertise and developing leading technology in food ingredients, pharmaceuticals, and bio-based chemicals.

Contact details
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2613 AX Delft

Site: www.dsm.com
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