DIDEA (Delft Ingenious Design Employees Association) is the association started and maintained by the PDEng (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) of Delft Ingenious Design trainees, postgraduate programme at Technical University of Delft (TU Delft). DIDEA works as facilitator between the trainees and Industry, as well as social platform for both, the programme management and trainees


The PDEng (Professional Doctorrate in Engineering) is a specialised design traineeship that prepares qualified candidates with Masters’ degrees for the challenges inherent in an industry-driver profession. This two year, one-of- a-kind programme involves advanced courses that refine the technical knowledge the trainee possesses, while also improving understanding of the economical and managerial aspects of design and the engineering practice. There are three main tracks in the TU Delft, hosted in the Applied Sciences building.

Chemical Product Design

The core of the chemical industry is adapting to changing times. Even though process design is still an essential part of bringing solutions to consumers, it is now beginning to take a backdrop role.

Designer in Bioprocess Engineering

Since 1670, when Antonie van Leeuwenhoek first observed microorganisms and described them in his letters to the Royal Society in London, Delft has been home to several discoveries in the field of biotechnology. Currently, TU Delft is involved in internationally recognized research in the areas of biofuels, production of bulk biochemicals, environmental technology, and downstream processing of food and pharmaceutical products.

Process and Equipment Design

The oldest of the three, Process and Equipment Design was the first PDEng programme developed at TU Delft in 1990. In cooperation with Research School Process Technology (OSPT) and the Dutch (chemical) industry, this program has graduated more than 200 top-tier engineers currently working in the Netherlands and worldwide