Delft Career Platform

Delft Career Platform is an online career platform for TU Delft students. On our website students can find all sorts of vacancies for internships, graduation projects, starter positions and many more career related opportunities. With more than 60 connected companies that operate in various fields of technology, there is something on our platform for all TU Delft students. Delft Career Platform was launched in September 2017 and currently has more than 2500 applied students.

It is our goal to collect all sorts of opportunities and place them on our platform to make it easier to find and apply for an opportunity. Students can sign up for free on After signing up, students can browse through the available opportunities that are relevant for them specifically. Within these opportunities it is either possible to get more information by clicking ‘more information’, which links to the vacancy page of the company itself, or send an email to the company to apply or ask for more information.

Delft Career Platform was founded by five study associations:

– Vliegtuigbouwkundige Studievereniging (VSV) ‘Leonardo da Vinci’-> Aerospace Engineering
-> Aerospace Engineering

– Technologisch Gezelschap (TG)> Chemical Engineering
> Chemical Engineering

– Het Gezelschap “Practische Studie” (PS)-> Civil Engineering
-> Civil Engineering

– Gezelschap Leeghwater (Leeghwater)-> Mechanical Engineering
-> Mechanical Engineering

– Vereniging voor Technische Physica (VvTP)-> Applied Physics
-> Applied Physics

Most companies that are connected with Delft Career Platform operate in either of these fields of study. That does not mean that there are no interesting opportunities for other students, since many companies look for technical students in general.

Do you want to know what opportunities are out there for you? Take a look on!