Confocal is a spin-off company from the University of Amsterdam, making innovative confocal imaging systems. With the motto ‘by scientists for scientists’, our goal is to make high-resolution microscopy accessible to all researchers – in life sciences and beyond.

Founded in 2016, we are a small team of dedicated people coming from both research and industry. Our office and R&D lab are located at the Science Park in Amsterdam. From there, we manage our world-wide sales and marketing efforts, and continue to develop new technologies. We are flexible, innovative, and dedicated to deliver high quality products and service to our customers.

Our core technology is the re-scan confocal microscope (RCM), which is a flexible scanning unit that can be used to upgrade any widefield microscope to a sensitive, high-resolution confocal system, at an affordable price level. Compared to standard confocal imaging, the RCM achieves both a considerable resolution improvement, and a higher sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. The result is high quality 3D imaging with low photo-toxicity. We offer flexibility by combining with different components, with the advantage of being both budget-friendly and future-proof. Getting rid of any complex custom settings or post-processing, the RCM is extremely easy to use, and gives consistent results with little training time for new users. With the RCM, we aim to set a new standard in confocal microscopy, improving image quality without compromising on ease-of-use.

We are currently looking for pro-active, enthusiastic people with a technical and/or life sciences background to join our team; we are also open to students looking for an exciting internship position in a startup environment.