The ASconnect board is represented by both BSc and MSc students studying in four different fields: Applied Physics (VvTP), Life Science & Technology  (LIFE), Molecular Science & Technology (TG) and Nanobiology (Hooke). By connecting these studies we will organize an event with a multidisciplinary background, focused on the Applied Sciences.

The Applied Sciences Connect 2019 committee consists of:

Chairman: Carsten van de Kamp (Applied Physics)

Secretary:  Céline Cleij (Nanobiology)

Treasurer: Gabi van Leersum (Life Science & Technology)

Commissioner logistics: Shanin Sewrattan (Molecular Science & Technology)                     

QQ Hooke: Juancito van Leeuwen

QQ LIFE: Mees Fox

QQ TG: Sophie Winkenius

QQ VvTP: Mathijs van Kouwen