BioSPX is a daughter company of Beun de Ronde BV,  that has been a distributor of laboratory equipment in The Netherlands and Belgium for almost a 100 years. Here, BioSPX is focused on all equipment related to Life Sciences.  Besides distributing these systems, BioSPX offers installations, maintenance, user trainings and support. BioSPX currently offers systems for, for example, absorbance & fluorescence measurements, live cell imaging, sample homogenization, tube labeling and gel documentation. Furthermore, automated washers and dispensers for microplates are part of our catalogue. These systems are used in many different research groups and companies in the Benelux, as well as research groups in Delft.

Every day, a relatively small team works on sales, maintenance and demonstration of the various systems at BioSPX.  The sales team approaches potential customers to see if BioSPX can offer tailor-made solutions in their laboratories. Different product specialists, with knowledge on system performance, configurations and possible applications, give advice on setting up experiments and using the right settings. The service department ensures the correct installation of the equipment and is able to respond quickly and adequately when maintenance is required.

Working at BioSPX thus means developing yourself in a commercial environment, while you are close to your field of expertise through your detailed knowledge on laboratory research.  Would you like to know more about what it means to work at  such a company? Then approach us at Applied Sciences Connect!


Contact details:
Bovenkamp 9
1391 LA Abcoude, The Netherlands

Tel: +31 294 760088