“Looking for an internship/PhD position in physics or chemistry? Come and visit ARCNL at the market to find out how science can be both curiosity driven and have an application.

ARCNL is a public private partnership between the two universities in Amsterdam (UvA and VU), NWO and semiconductor equipment manufacturer ASML. We focus on the fundamental physics and chemistry involved in current and future key technologies in nanolithography, primarily for the semiconductor industry. The physics of extreme ultraviolet light (EUV) and its use in nanolithography plays a major role in many of our projects.

We are a young and vibrant research institute where people with a shared passion find each other. Opportunities to interact with fellow researchers and senior group leaders are plentiful. Our research groups are relatively small (about 8 people) and each group has good technical support and is well-equipped. This gives you a head start with your research project!
We are located at Amsterdam Science Park: home to one of the largest concentrations of exact sciences in Europe.”

PhD-student: ‘Modelling laser-driven plasma sources of EUV light for nanolithography’
PhD-student: ‘Femtosecond generation and detection of ultrahigh-frequency sound waves for the detection of buried nanostructures’
Scientific Internship: ‘Optical generation of 1 THz bandwidth acoustic wavepackets for the detection of buried nano-structures’
PhD-student: ‘Surface and materials science of thin films for EUV lithography’
Postdoc: ‘Photoemission for Nanolithography’
Postdoctoral Research Associate in ‘Atomic and Laser-Plasma Physics’
Postdoc: ‘Computational Imaging for Nanolithography’