Orde van Octrooigemachtigden (The Netherlands Institute of Patent Attorneys)

About us

Patent Attorney?
As a Patent Attorney, you work on the intersection of technology, business, and law. You play a vital role in protecting the intellectual property rights of your clients. The technical experience you have gained at the Delft University of Technology will be used in a very wide range of technological fields. As a result, every day is different, and you constantly learn about new technologies and industries.

Patent law is an intellectually challenging field that requires you to think critically and analytically. You would be responsible for conducting patent searches, drafting patent applications, and providing legal advice to clients.

How do you get there?
If you have a degree at university level in science or technology, a 3-year legal follow-up course will train you as a patent attorney. You will then become an advisor on patents within your own technical discipline. You will advise inventors about the ways of protecting know-how, products and ideas and will conduct the procedures for securing and maintaining the desired protection.

As a patent attorney, you can develop into a professional in the field of your technical specialty. You can decide in private practice at a patent attorney firm, or you can work in industry at a technical company.