About us

Nostics develops accessible diagnostics test kits that are fast, reliable, and can be used at the point of need. We combine nanotech, photonics, and AI-powered classification, thereby improving patients’ health, saving lives, decreasing the use of antibiotics, and improving access to lifesaving treatment.

Millions are unable to get access to medical diagnostics because tests are expensive, lab-based and slow. This causes that infectious diseases are often treated blindly and generically, without the data to support it. Antimicrobial Resistance is rising due to over-use and misuse, when accurate diagnostics are missing, fueling the growth of resistant bacterial infections.

Nostics’ novel platform technology, based on Nobel prize winning phonics technology and AI, powers its mission to provide data driven, accessible diagnostics for all, within minutes before any antimicrobial is prescribed. Battery operated, dust, temperature, and shock resistant, the platform is made to be used in the most remote locations.

If you are interested to join our mission, please find our website at: