KeyGene – 35 Years of technology innovation for crop improvement

KeyGene is the go-to research company for technology innovation that boosts crop improvement. With its intellectual capital, solution-driven approach, and collaborative spirit, KeyGene passionately works for the future of global agriculture with partners in the breeding of vegetables and other crops, and with other organizations in the AgriFood sector.

With our wide range of expertise and more than 30 years of successful innovation, KeyGene empowers the competitiveness of its partners by developing and applying top-quality technology innovation for crop improvement, working together with, and for the partners. These partners exploit KeyGene’s technology innovation and innovative technologies to develop varieties with outstanding market potential and to speed up the development of improved crops.

KeyGene’s drive is to support its partners in their toughest R&D challenges with powerful research project teams, combining cutting-edge expertise in fields like DNA, RNA, proteins, metabolites, cells & and tissues, plant traits, gene editing & and mutation breeding, and data science.

The research company operates in an international environment, which is reflected in the team, with more than 140 professionals from all over the world. KeyGene company is based in Wageningen, the Netherlands; Rockville, MD, USA and Hyderabad, India.